Living With Murder gets recognized

The documentary Living With Murder was recently recognised with the following honors:

Best of Photojournalism: Best use of the web, 3rd place.

National Association of Black Journalists: 2012 Salute to Excelence Digital Media award.

2012 New York Photo Festival: Invitational Multimedia Winner.

We also were nominated for an Emmy by the Michigan Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences 


2012 National Headliner Awards.

Romain Blanquart, Kathy Kieliszewski and Suzette Hackney took first place in the Online Videography category and Best in Show for Online with their documentary "Living with Murder."



LaTonya Brooks lives with murder. As a homicide detective in the overburdened Detroit police department, she feels the pressure: the weight of too many cases, the frustration of not catching all the killers and the outrage over the random nature of the violence that plagues Detroit's streets.
LaTonya also knows that no one is immune -- her own father was murdered last year in a firebombing.
As a co-worker searches for her father’s killer, LaTonya investigates the murder of DeMonte Thomas, a young father gunned down at he sat in a chair at a neighborhood barbershop.
The same bullet that killed DeMonte also pierced the hearts of his mother, sister, fiancée, brother, daughter and friends.
The year following DeMonte’s death is one of frustration and sorrow for his family. His young daughter wonders if her daddy will ever come home, and his mother wonders how she can go on living without her son.
The sorrow of LaTonya and of DeMonte’s family mirrors that of a city that has lost over 3,300 people to homicide since 2003 -- more than have died among U.S. forces in 10 years of fighting in Afghanistan.
The enormity of Detroit's struggle with homicides can overwhelm people who want to fight back to protect their neighborhoods. Solutions seem to be beyond any one person's ability to make a difference. The frustration and violence leave one of America’s great cities “Living with Murder.”


Executive Producers
Romain Blanquart
Kathy Kieliszewski

Romain Blanquart
Suzette Hackney
Kathy Kieliszewski

Lead reporter
Suzette Hackney

Romain Blanquart

Lead videographer
Romain Blanquart

Romain Blanquart

Video editor
Romain Blanquart

Script writers
Romain Blanquart
Suzette Hackney
Kathy Kieliszewski

Joe Palmer

All songs composed, programmed,
arranged and produced by
Nick Speed for Nix Productions




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Living with Murder

Watch the new video documentary i have been working on for the past year, Living with Murder about the impact of homicides in Detroit.



Danny Brown For Fader.

Danny Brown photographed for the May 2011 issue of Fader.

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Special thank you to Fader editor and photographer john francis peters ,

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